Education for Eternity - Middle School

In middle school, we continue to expand on what students learn about the world around them and how they can make their own individual difference in the world. These years are also their time to start moving away from having a single teacher for a majority of the classes to having different teachers for each subject. We understand that it can be a little challenging at first but we make it as smooth of a transition as possible, as well as offering support through the process. It is through these years that we help them become more prepared for high school and beyond.

“Both of my children went thru each of the grades there and loved it. It was always a blessing to know I was dropping them off at a safe place. Not only safe physically, but spiritually too. Some of the teachers that taught my children are still at KAES today and I KNOW the kids that attend today are still receiving the nurturing and spiritual growth they need to help them get into the Kingdom of God.” – 7th Grade Parent

Schedule a Visit

We invite you to come visit our campus! It’s the perfect way to see for yourself if Keene Adventist Elementary School is the right place for your child. During your campus visit, you’ll be able to tour the campus, meet your child’s potential teacher, and get information about enrolling. If you are interested in a tour, please take a moment to tell us a little about yourself, the grade your child will be in and when you want to visit.