Children Need A Place To Learn, Share and Grow

A Christian education involves more than just sitting in the classroom, listening to the teacher talk about the world around us. A Christian education includes:

  • Learning how to stay healthy by moving your body
  • Experiencing the benefits of working as a team to accomplish things
  • Practicing kindness to those around you
  • Sharing the Word of Christ through music

All of those learning experiences can happen in the new gym we are working on building, but we can’t do it without your help. Our goal is to have a new place where we can teach the children even more about Christ and the world around them, as well as share what we have learned with our community.

What's the Plan?

Our goal with this campaign is to do more than just build a new gymnasium for our students. We want to provide them with a place to learn, perform, and share. What does that really mean?

A Place to Learn

Staying healthy means more than just playing sports. It’s learning different ways to move your body in ways that help keep you healthy and strong. Since not everyone enjoys doing the same types of exercise, we want to offer options to meet more needs. This new gym will provide the space to do just that.

A Place to Perform

Currently we have all of our musical performances and basketball games at a location away from our campus because of a lack of space. By building this new gym we are providing our children with the opportunity to share their musical and basketball talents at our own school.

A Place to Share

Our school has been blessed by the help we have received from the Keene SDA Church, SWAU and CTA when they have allowed for us to use their facilities to perform music and play basketball. With this new gym we can now have the chance to return the favor to the people and companies of this community.

Donation For: New Gymnasium

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