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You're looking for the right school...

Not just any school will do. You have expectations that need to be met. This is your child's academic, spiritual and social education we're talking about! Who wouldn't want the best experience possible for their child?

Let's talk about some of those expectations you have for the school your child goes to...

  • Christian based school; prayer and Christian values should be taught in the classroom
  • Christian teachers; educators who are passionate about helping their students grow mentally, as well as spiritually
  • Christian environment; being surrounded by fellow believers helps children minimize the effects of violence and immorality
  • Christian students; making friends with similar beliefs helps to reduce the effects of negative peer pressure

Keene Adventist Elementary School (KAES) is dedicated to providing its students with an educational program that leads to a full commitment of their spiritual, intellectual, physical and social resources to the service of God and their fellow man.

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Find Out What's Happening!

School is a great place to make friends, go on fun trips, play different sports, learn some music and more! Trying to keep up with all the different activities and events can be hard, especially if you have multiple children in school! Let us help you stay up to date with all the activities that will help them grow physically, mentally and spiritually.