Amanda Patterson


Degree Information: B.S Psychology emphasis School Guidance – Southwestern Adventist University
Teaching Area: PreKindergarten
Years at KAES: 10
Years in Education: 10

Brief Bio: I have always loved working with children. I planned to be a school counselor then was offered the PK position and loved it! I can’t bring myself to leave this classroom.
I am from New Mexico, I came to Texas to finish my degree in counseling at SWAU. I worked at KISD and KAES as a tutor and aide, I loved working in the classrooms. Being able to work in public and private schools was a great opportunity. I am so grateful I had to opportunity to work with teachers from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Observing a variety of grade levels and teaching techniques gave me a well rounded idea of what to expect.

I love to play basketball and have enjoyed coaching basketball the past 3 years. I also enjoyed assisting with volleyball. I love to build relationships with students, and my players. These bonds are very special to me.

I love the fact that I’m the first teacher most of the kids have and I get to make the first impression on them. Making the classroom colorful, imaginative, and unique is always a fun task. I am always looking for new ideas and ways to make learning interesting and unique. I love being able to play with the kids as we learn together.

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